Weight Loss Hypnosis

By : Fiona Mac

There are many complex reasons why people develop negative eating patterns in their daily life. When it comes to changing these patterns in a powerful and positive way, weight loss hypnosis works by interrupting negative habits and replacing them with new empowering ones. From how the mind affects the body, how eating healthy food and drinking clean water eliminates fat and toxins, how deep breathing activates your bodies metabolism, and how constant personal development helps achieve success. This article will explore the basic principals and technique to weight loss hypnosis.

In order to achieve a dramatic change in a persons body, one must first make changes within their mind. The subconscious mind is always working to keep you stable and consistent with your daily actions. It is for this reason that dieting alone is often not quite enough to shed those last extra pounds. Since the minds thoughts have a powerful effect on the body, healthy weight loss and increased metabolism requires new habits of behavior and though. It is though interrupting the old thoughts and patterns that this occurs.

The number one reason for overeating is to avoid or suppress emotional pain. It is for this reason that we need to learn to forgive ourselves and practise self-love. Weight loss hypnosis requires that we affirm a new self and release the old overweight behaviors by interrupting them and conditioning in new patterns that are healthy and helpful. If the old pattern is eating sugary and fatty foods then the new pattern needs to be a ritual of eating fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit and clean water. This is the first step on this journey.

They say you are what you eat, and what you think about most you eventually become. With weight loss hypnosis you begin by forgiving yourself, and then affirming your new ideal slim self with positive thoughts, positive feelings, positive new eating behaviors such at eating steamed vegetables, salads, and soups with every meal. You program yourself to snack on nuts, seeds and fruit instead of candy. Eating foods that are based in nature and drinking plenty of fresh foods will allow your body to easily eliminate fat and toxins that store in the body’s tissues. The idea is to release the old food and sugar addictions and give you body what it needs.

Along with healthy foods and clean drinking water, there is one other thing that the body needs and craves. Deep rhythmic breathing is a life long key to success with weight loss hypnosis and healthy living. By breathing in deeply, and breathing out completely, you fill your blood with oxygen. As you exhale out toxins you are stimulating your lymph system, the body’s way of eliminating waste. By creating a ritual for yourself of deep breathing, 5-10 minutes, three times a day, you will naturally increase your metabolism and increase your energy. This one habit alone can change your life. These principals and the following technique are considered by hypnotists to be the magic formula of weight loss hypnosis.

The Three Step Pattern Interrupt Technique

If at any time during the day you feel a hunger pang, if at any time you are about to sit down to a meal, or if you find yourself tempted to eat junk food, follow the steps outlined here to interrupt the old pattern and re-program your mind.

  1. Start by taking in five deep breaths where you inhale deeply, and exhale completely. Remember as you do it that you are in control and that you only eat for nourishment and only as much as you need for health and energy.
  2. Close your eye and pay attention to your body. Imagine your ideal self, and see yourself as slim, healthy and attractive. See yourself around other people and imagine how they treat you differently. Visualize yourself as slim and attractive in a number of different situations and scenarios and really enjoy it.
  3. Drink a large glass of water. This final step is important because a number of research studies have shown that people often confuse hunger with thirst. Also if you have had a large glass of water, there is less of a chance that you will over eat during a meal.

As you can probably tell by now, these are just some of the conscious ways of interrupting your negative eating patterns. The other weight loss hypnosis techniques that are commonly used are designed to be programmed directly into your subconscious mind using suggestions and commands while a subject is deep in trance. However when you emerge from trance, you should always remember why we overeat, give our bodies what they really need, and regularly use the three step pattern interrupt on a regular basis. This way you will always eat.

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