Delkin DDMNT-TRIPLE Fat Gecko Three-Arm Suction Mount (Black)

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Style:Fat Gecko Triple If you’re shooting with a heavier DSLR and lens combination or just aiming to get the most stability for video shoots, our Fat Gecko Tripod Mount is just the ticket. Three industrial locking suction cups adjust to the contour of your shooting surface, then tighten and lock into place to create our most stable mount yet. With six adjustable points, it’s easy to set up a customized angle that gets you a unique (and otherwise unattainable) shot for every shooting situation. The standard 1/4-20-Inch tripod head creates a reliable connection with your camera and includes a rubber washer with a tightening knob to dampen vibration even further in wind or from moving shooting surfaces. The 3-Arm Mount couples a Fat Gecko Original with a Fat Gecko Mini and creates a 3-point mount for increased stability on moving objects or in harsh conditions. A slide & lock design creates secure attachment between the two mounts and sturdy contact with any smooth, non-porous surface.



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