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Dynamat 10435 12 x 36 x 0.067 Thick Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener with Xtreme Door Kit

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Style:Sound Deadener Stop fighting engine rumble, speaker rattle, road noise and buzzing vehicle parts! Apply Dynamat Xtreme to your vehicles resonant surfaces and enjoy improved clarity, loudness and bass response from your car stereo. High-performance Dynamat Xtreme is lighter than Dynamat Original, four times more effective, requires no heat to apply and is recommended for vehicle tops, sides and contoured areas. Dynamat Xtreme is coated with aluminum for high temperature areas such as firewalls and floors. Why does your car stereo sound louder when you pull off the freeway and come to a stop? Road noise steals much of the listenable portion of your music. At 70 mph, a typical automotive noise level of 85 dB leaves you with only 20 dB of listenable music. Applying Dynamat creates a ‘sonic barrier’ restoring 3, 6, even 12 dB of lost dynamic range. Gaining just 3 dB doubles your effective amplifier power. And that means you hear more music. Kit contains four 12′ x 36′ (305mm x 914mm) pieces of Dynamat Xtreme and includes enough material for two standard size doors.



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