Loong Wireless Controller with Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Controller Gamepad Support iOS Android OS VR

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1.Standard Android device (a mode) in menu, If left joystick can move cursor, A & X button is enter button, b & y button is returning key; This means your mobile system can support International standard game Pad, just download game and play directly. 2.Game download scan QR code on the manual to enter into MI gamepad download center, then you can download new game or MI gamepad game application or third party’s game application. Whether the connection is successful, you can direct play games in the new game center. The M key is I key functions in the new game. Mi gamepad game center have All game Pad games, and support /GB/GBC/SFC/SMD/GBA/N64/MAME/PS games. Users can also download Simulator bin files to games file folder in mobile, then can use MI gamepad software to open the game file. 3.Android/iOS VR mode (a mode) with this mode just for VR link or other VR application! A is enter button, B is return button, x is menu button, left joystick can move cursor in menu of the app, when playing video with left joystick, up is volume+ , down is volume-, left is fast rewind, right is fast forward. 4.For iOS iCade mode (B mode) enter into app store or other Apple store, search ‘icade’,then you can find games of iCade which support game Pad, download and install then OK. Before play games, please set keyboard input mode to English input and can input English letters then OK. 5.For iOS new game mode (x mode) scan QR code on the manual to download new game application! Then you can use the game Pad to play games in the app! package Included: 1 x Loong game Pad 1 x User manual 1x charging cable



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